What is Silverware Jewelry?

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2019-10-11 15:21:46

Silverware jewelry is any type of ring, necklace or bracelet created using pieces of silverware. Generally, the look is created by bending a knife, spoon, or fork into the desired shape, then clipping off any portion of the cutlery that is not required for the final design. Silverware jewelrycan be fashioned from a single piece or use several pieces of silverware in order to create the finished article.

The terms flatware jewelry and silverware jewelry are often used interchangeably. This is because many people refer to flatware made from stainless steel and other metals as silverware. In terms of using cutlery for making jewelry pieces, it is possible to use solid silver, silver plate, gold plate, or stainless steel with equal ease.

Creating silverware jewelry sometimes involves heating the cutlery piece slightly, in order to make the piece slightly more flexible. The stem of the cutlery is bent into the desire position, with the bowl or tongs normally serving as a decorative element. For example, a simple ring can be fashioned from a tablespoon simply by bending the stem into a circle and using the inverted bowl section of the spoon as a decorative element for the front of the ring.


Knives and forks are sometimes used to fashion larger jewelry pieces. For example, interesting silverware jewelry bracelets can be constructed using knives for the body of the bracelet and then wrapping the tong section of several forks into an intricate overlay that is attached to the body. A bracelet of this type can be worn on the wrist or around the ankle.

Necklaces and chokers can also be constructed using different cutlery pieces. A choker may utilize knives for the main body of the piece, with spoons and forks bent into an intricate design that is attached to the body with the use of glues or other adhesives. Creating a necklace usually involves affixing bent pieces of silverware and arranging the pieces on a chain or cording in order to create an interesting look.

While many examples of silverware jewelry retain the original finish of the cutlery pieces, it is also possible to paint the finished product any number of colors, including a variety of metallic shades. Utilizing spray paints appropriate for metal is the best option, or for more intricate detailing and shading, it is possible to use a model brush and paints normally reserved for model cars.

Craft books with specific instructions on creating silverware jewelry are often found in craft stores. Finding materials is also a simple task, since odd pieces of cutlery picked up at flea markets and thrift shops are usually perfect for creating eclectic and unusual jewelry pieces.

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