What Does a Jewelry Consultant Do? (with pictures)

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2020-01-06 16:26:43

A jewelry consultant is an individual who sells jewelry independently, typically not through a storefront or any sort of permanent location. Instead, this person will sell jewelry through catalogs, and often by hosting jewelry parties in which a group of people will be invited to view the jewelry in person and try it on. Many people use jewelry consultant jobs as a way to make some extra income on a part-time basis. Though these people are considered independent contractors and are not generally offered benefits or any other perks, it can be a good way to earn a little extra each month.

Typically, a jewelry consultant will sign up to sell jewelry through a larger company. The consultant will sign a contract to sell the jewelry manufactured by one particular company, and will then receive a portion of the profits from each sale. This allows the jewelry consultant to have plenty of stock available at all times, generally with a very minimal up-front investment. Many of the more reputable countries will not require any up-front investment at all, but will simply allow the consultants to start selling from a catalog. Once they become established, they may be given sample jewelry to show and sell.


There are a few different ways to sell jewelry in this way. Most consultants will start out simply selling from a catalog; they may send the catalog to a small group of friends and colleagues who are then free to place an order. Another, somewhat more effective method is to host jewelryparties. The jewelry consultant will invite a number of friends and/or coworkers to a jewelry party where they can see some of the jewelry, try it on, and make purchases. To make the parties more fun, consultants will often serve food, play games, and possibly even have some giveaways of the product in order to encourage guests to make a purchase.

A jewelry consultant is an independent or freelance contractor who is essentially just selling items for a small commission. This is why it works well as a side job, but generally is not possible to maintain as a full-time job. It is important for anyone considering this type of work to understand what is in the contract, and make sure he or she is free to stop selling at any time without penalty if she decides to. Otherwise, many people find this to be a fun and interesting way to earn some extra income without any education or experience required.

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