What are the Different Types of Tungsten Jewelry?

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2019-12-23 16:08:15

There are several types of tungsten jewelry, many of which are men's and women's watches. Tungsten rings are designed to be worn as wedding rings and also as engagement rings, and bracelets and accessories are other types of popular tungsten jewelry. Tungsten jewelry is made from tungsten carbide, an uncommon type of metal. It is made to be durable and sustain the rigors of everyday use, maintaining a high gloss finish. Tungsten is also said to be much stronger than the metal titanium, making it a popular choice in men's jewelry.

Tungsten Forever is a special line of jewelry products. These pieces of jewelry do not contain cobalt, which may irritate sensitives skin. The jewelry in this particular line includes rings with precious gemstones, including diamonds.

Custom-engraved rings are another type of tungsten jewelry made especially for men. The engraving created on these rings is done with a type of laser imprinting. A laser makes the etching permanent and can be created in various styles and fonts.

Inlaid rings are a popular type of tungsten jewelry. These rings may be made in multi-beveled styles, incorporating other materials such as ceramic. Some styles are flat, while others have a domed shape. Some of these rings also incorporate gold into the design, or have more intricate styling and effects. Many are polished and some have grooved finishing.


Tunsten jewelry is not limited to rings, however. Made in a similar manner, tungsten bracelets are another popular choice. These are available in various styles, finishes, and polishes for both men and women. Laser finishing is one style. Links of the bracelets come in various styles, including the popular Cleopatra style and chain-link style.

Another popular style of tungsten jewelry is watches for both men and women. Constructed of tungsten carbide, most of the watches have a shiny finish that is made to withstand many years of constant use. This durability generally sets the tungsten jewelry line of watches apart from many ordinary brands. These watches can be found in various styles, some with a black face and others in white. Many feature a Swiss movement and are water resistant.

Pendants and key chains are a few of the accessories are types of tungsten jewelry. Dog tag pendants are a popular choice for men. Many feature a stainless steel clasp and can be engraved. Religious jewelry may also be found in this material.

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