What are the Different Types of Diamond Necklaces?

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2020-01-27 17:24:00

Diamond necklaces come in several basic styles which have very different looks and feels. Considering the different types of diamond necklaces is something which should play a role in a purchasing decision, to make sure that the right necklace is selectction. The taste of the wearer can be a factor, as can issues like his or her body type and general sense of style.

Both men and women can wear diamond necklaces, although diamond necklaces for women tend to be more common. Men's necklaces typically have a more restrained design, often featuring a solitaire in a simple setting, rather than an array of stones, while women's can get more ornate.

There are two basic types of diamond necklaces: pendants and true necklaces. A diamond pendantis a small setting which hangs from a chain. The setting can vary from a solitaire to something more ornate, such as a setting which incorporates multiple stones, and the look and feel of the necklace can be changed by swapping out the chain for a different design or style. Heart pendants are especially popular, but the pendant can come in any shape, and the stone can be cut in a variety of styles.


True necklaces can be made in a variety of ways, with the key distinction being that the setting is not free-hanging, like a pendant. Diamonds are available in the form of chokers, collars, and chains which can be fabricated in a variety of styles. A true necklace tends to be more expensive, because it requires more stones, since the stones are often set all the way around the necklace, rather than just being present in a pendant. Those glittering necklaces on the necks of movie stars at premiers can have costs in the millions, which is why many movie stars borrow jewelry for such events.

Ornate chokers and collars tend to be more suitable for highly formal occasions. In the case of a collar with a large array of stones, the necklace best complements a woman with a long neck and torso, so that the stones can be laid out elegantly without looking packed into a small space. Such necklaces are also typically worn with low cut gowns, so that the diamonds are seen against the skin.

For men, diamond pendants are generally more appropriate. A pendant can also be better for casual or every day wear. One advantage to a pendant is that the pendant can be removed and reworked into a brooch, if desired, which can be nice when a piece of jewelry is used as an heirloom.

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