How Do I Start a Jewelry Business?

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2019-12-27 11:28:14

To start a jewelry business effectively, you'll need to first identify your customer base; without that, your venture isn't going to be able to survive. Once you identify your customers through research, decide on how you will get your jewelry to them. Whether you'll be importing jewelry or making it yourself, it's crucial to consider all of the logistics involved in expenses versus profits. As you prepare to start a jewelry business, don't overestimate your profit potential or narrow your focus. Whether you're going to import and sell jewelry or produce and market it, you'll need both a designer's eye and a businessperson's mind.

Of course, if you want to create your own jewelry, you'll have to spend time learning techniques and coming up with original designs. Having original ideas and something new to offer shoppers is important as the jewelry industry is a competitive field. If you're going to start a jewelry business based on importing rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, you'll have to be concerned with how you're going to interest customers if other stores are buying similar pieces from the same wholesalers. Research your market in either case to discover ways to create or offer unique items to fill the needs and desires of your target market.


Taking the time to produce a thorough business plan is essential. In it, you should include research on your competition along with strategies to get your market share. The size of your market segments as well their demographics should be included in your plan before statements that summarize how you will reach your target with a projected amount of sales. When you start a jewelry business, a well thought out plan can not only serve as your operations guide, but also help attract investors.

Your marketing mix strategies should cover all of the elements of product, price, place, promotion and packaging. In the jewelry business, "packaging" isn't always taken literally, but often means the style. Costume jewelry has one type of market, while fine gold pieces have another. Instead of trying to be all things to all jewelry buyers, it's usually best, at least when first starting your business, to choose a niche area that for you has the potential to be the most profitable. Again though, don't overestimate that profit, but do market research to back up your estimates.

Advertising costs and promotional strategies have to be addressed as you start a jewelry business. How you go about establishing these is going to have a lot to do with your marketing channels. Marketing channels define how your customers will get your products.

Whether you want to have a brick and mortar store or operate solely from an ecommerce website, failure to choose the right channels can hurt your profits. Charging a reasonable price for your jewelry products is also crucial. You have to offer unique jewelery at fair prices, yet still be able to make a healthy profit.

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