How do I Choose the Best Enamel Jewelry?

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2019-11-06 15:16:30

Enamel jewelry is often inexpensive costume jewelry that is big, bright, and colorful. Choosing the best enamel jewelry is often just a matter of determining one's personal preferences, as this type of jewelry is typically not extremely high-quality or pricey. For this reason, one may choose to purchase a number of different pieces of jewelry to wear with different outfits, or to completely change the look of an outfit.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are all available as enamel jewelry. Since this jewelry is often large or chunky, many people try to wear only one "statement piece" at a time, such as large cocktail rings, a big necklace, or a large pair of earrings. This will help to keep the jewelry from overwhelming the outfit. In addition, it is best to wear jewelry in complementing colors. The colors do not need to necessarily match exactly, but they should at least complement each other and not clash.


When choosing your enamel jewelry, consider the types of outfits and jewelry you usually wear. Think about the instances in which you will wear a particular piece of jewelry, and if you can think of outfits that it will go with. If you do this, you will likely end up with a jewelry collection that is pretty yet practical, and full of pieces that you actually wear rather than ones that simply take up space in your jewelry box.

In addition, examine the quality of the jewelry. Even though costume jewelry is pretty inexpensive, it is best to make sure that the jewelry is of good quality. Test the clasp and make sure it opens and closes easily, or make sure that any enamel pieces are threaded on secure jewelry wire. This will also help to ensure that your jewelry lasts a long time. Do not wear enamel jewelry in the shower or while swimming, for example, because this can cause the small metal parts to rust, break, or become damaged.

You will also want to consider colors of enamel jewelry that look good with your skin tones. Cooler skin tones, for instance, look great in cooler blue tones or earth tones, whereas warmer skin tones can look nice with yellows, reds, or oranges. Enamel jewelry is available in any color imaginable, so you will certainly be able to find some that looks nice with your skin tone. Store the jewelry in a box when not in use to prevent it from being damaged or getting lost.

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