How Do I Become a Jewelry Consultant?

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2019-08-09 17:46:12

Typically, a jewelry consultant is a person who is essentially self-employed, selling jewelry independently, on behalf of a larger company. There are a number of companies that will offer starter packages to a person who wants to become a jewelry consultant; this typically requires a small fee and in exchange the consultant will get catalogs to distribute, and perhaps a few pieces of sample jewelry to show. There might also be a brief training session where sales tips for selling the jewelry are provided. This is typically all that is required to become a jewelry consultant. It is a fairly simple undertaking, and is often pursued as a supplement to full-time work, or as a way to earn money while staying home caring for kids.

If you want to become a jewelry consultant, it is necessary to research different companies ahead of time before you give any of them your money, or sign any contracts. If a company requires a fee to start up your independent jewelry business, it should be a nominal one for catalogs and sample pieces; you will generally want to avoid the companies that force you to buy the actual jewelry in bulk ahead of time. This would represent a much larger up-front risk.

Also, thoroughly read any contracts to become a jewelry consultant before you sign anything. This is to make sure that you can stop selling at any time, and that you won't owe any additional money to the company if you don't meet your sales goals. Be sure, furthermore, that you understand the percentage of income you will earn from each sale, and how the company determines that number. This will ensure that it is worth your time to become a jewelry consultant, and that you are making the right choice of a company for which to sell products.

After you make this determination, you may have the option of participating in a training session to become a jewelry consultant and successfully sell your products. If you build your business by sharing catalogs and hosting jewelry parties in which guests can try on the jewelry and make purchases, you may then be entitled to additional rewards or benefits through the jewelry company. Some people are able to build a very successful business by becoming jewelry consultants, and then really devoting the time and energy to selling; it helps to have an idea of a potential customer base, however. Without networking and thoughtful planning, the chances of success are much lower.

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