How Do I Become a Jewelry Appraiser?

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Author : Peter Zhang
Update time : 2019-10-24 15:16:36

The owner of a piece or a collection of jewelry often needs a certified appraisal for insurance purposes, in preparation for selling the jewelry, or simply for personal knowledge of the value. In order to become a jewelry appraiser, or gemologist, an individual must complete a course which leads to a certification as a gemologist. In addition, both before and after certification, anyone who aspires to become a jewelry appraiser should seek employment in a jewelry store or with a reputable auction house where jewelry is often appraised and auctioned.

The precise certification needed for someone to become a jewelry appraiser may vary by jurisdiction. Within the United States, for example, an individual must start by completing a program which culminates in a certification as a Graduate Gemologist. In the United Kingdom, a certified gemologist is known as a Fellow of the Gemological Association. While these designations certify an individual as someone who has been educated regarding fine jewels and gems, an additional certification is generally required to become a jewelry appraiser.

Various gemology associations throughout the world offer classes that can lead to a certification in jewelry appraisal. In addition, many colleges and universities also offer certification classes. Anyone interested in furthering his or her education in order to become a jewelry appraiser should locate an appropriate course and obtain the needed certification.

Along with the coursework and certification required to appraise jewels, practical experience should be sought along the way. In most cases, a certification is not required to simply work at a jewelry store as a salesperson. The experience gained, however, may go a long way toward a career in the jewelry industry.

Once an individual has obtained the certifications necessary to actually appraise jewelry, he or she may decide to look for employment in a variety of settings. Although a fine jewelry store is an obvious choice, there are other options as well for someone who is certified to appraise jewelry. Auction houses, for example are often in need of appraisers to give them a market value on jewels or jewelry which have been placed with the company for sale.

Along with jewelry stores and auction houses, insurance companies frequently need appraisers as do private individuals. Often, when someone insures jewelry, an appraisal is required if the value of the jewelry is claimed to be over a certain dollar amount. In some cases, the insurance company will need to appraise the jewelry, while, in others, an independent appraisal company is requested to complete the appraisal.

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