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Jewelry Case Display

There are a few different types of jewelry cases that you can use for your retail jewelry display. The top display area measures 12"H x 20"D, while the base measures 26"H x 16"D. The overall size of the display is 38"H x 20"D x 70"L.

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A jewelry case display is an elegant way to display your jewelry pieces. These cases have 24 compartments for holding your most prized pieces. Some even have an upgraded locking system so that your jewelry pieces can't be stolen. These cases are great for both business and retail use. They can help your customers find the best piece of jewelry quickly, and they can add a beautiful decorative touch to your room.
These jewelry case displays are portable and convenient to move around the store. They help highlight valuable jewelry pieces and increase sales. Some cases have locking mechanisms to deter thieves, and some come with watch display stands. These display cases come in many different shapes and styles. Some are made from solid wood, while others are made from aluminum or leatherette.
A wooden jewelry case with glass shelves is another stylish option for a jewelry display. These showcases are ideal for showcasing collections, as they can be viewed from all sides. They also feature adjustable glass shelves that are great for merchandising.

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A jewelry case display is a unique and elegant way to showcase jewelry. These display cases come with a glass viewing area on top and a solid wood base and legs. They also have a rear access door. These showcases are easy to move around, and are ideal for small retail businesses. They come in a wide variety of styles and are made of different materials.
Glass showcases are an excellent choice for retail stores and museums because they not only showcase your merchandise but also provide a great place to engage with customers. These cases usually feature tempered glass, which is less likely to break. Museums also like glass showcases because they can protect period pieces or local artisan's work from damage. These cases are easy to assemble and often come with lighting. You can also customize the design of your case to match your business's style and merchandise. Some jewelry showcases are made of premium wood and come with high quality locks.
Choosing the right kind of display case is essential to maximizing your sales. Make sure it's well-lit and has a raised base. The best jewelry case display will draw in potential customers. For an additional appeal, try wearing your own jewelry creations when displaying your products. Make sure to use custom hang-tags for your pieces, as well. Displaying your jewelry with care is important to make customers feel comfortable making a purchasing decision.

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A jewelry case display is an important piece of retail furniture for showcasing your jewelry. A jewelry case can provide a bright, well-lit area for shoppers to view your merchandise. Base sizes for these displays are 26"H x 16"D. Open storage on the rear is also a standard feature. If you would like to have additional customizations, contact us.
A jewelry case can be made of tempered glass or acrylic. Tempered glass is a safer option than acrylic. Acrylic is a translucent material that is great for displaying jewelry. Similarly, a tabletop jewelry display can be made of either wood or glass. In a retail setting, it is best to use tempered glass for this purpose as it poses less liability if it breaks. Museums also use glass showcases for showcasing local or period pieces. Another option is a pedestal stand, which features track lighting and a wood base.
Displaying jewelry is easy with the right fixtures. A well-lit jewelry display case will draw shoppers in. The base of the case should be raised for easy access. Depending on the jewelry style, you may wish to display your jewelry on hooks or on a pegboard fixture. Hang-tags are also a great way to showcase your stock. If you have many items, consider using a rotating exhibit or a lighted jewelry case. This will allow patrons to enjoy browsing the jewelry while they wait for the cashier.

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